Flower Power

Top: pacsun
Skirt: sheinside

This denim, button-fly skirt is reminiscent of groovier times and is now a staple of my wardrobe. You can wear it as low or as high on your hips as you'd like making it perfect for any crop top. The vibrant blue denim is a tribute to classic bell bottoms. For all vintage lovers and festival goers, this skirt is a must-have.

Silly yet suggestive, the daisy crop from pacsun is psychedelic and great for any summer festival. Hippies and plant lovers alike can appreciate the flower arrangement. Did I mention it is pink?

To maximize flower power, top off the look with a floral crown (perhaps with matching daisies?). And for footwear? Wear brown sandals for that festival feel and, for a more "cute" vibe, jelly sandals.

It feels good to post! Finally getting into gear with college essays, supplements etc. Now that I have a clear assignment in front of me, I find myself with more free time to blog and make room for my passions. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer 



Dress: forever21
Shoes: Glitter Jellies boohoo
Choker: Unkown
Earrings: forever21

I rubbed glitter all over my chest, neck, and face but it didn't really show up in the pictures ಠ_ಠ 

I am OBSESSED with my new babies; my glitter jellies!! (。♥‿♥。) Can you believe that they were only TEN DOLLARS?!?!?!? You have to check out the link to boohoo I am surprised they're still in stock. They are so comfy and cute and agh I've been wearing them everywhere 

This little black dress is very similar to something I've seen at Brandy Melville but about half of the price. It's quite thick so I'll be able to wear it through winter too with some knee high socks and maybe over a sweater. The only possible downside I think would be the fact that you cannot wear a bra with it unless you want it completely exposed. The material is not see through at all. Also, the back detailing is SO cute!! 

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Dress: Sakura romwe
Shoes: Dr. Martens drmartens
Headwrap & Earrings: forever21
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8: Pastel Pink fujifilm

This dress is one of my favorites for spring and summer c: The purple, pink, and light blue colors are so beautiful. It is a slip dress so it is super light weight and cool yet it isn't transparent which is a plus. There is a sort of crochet netting around the midriff and also similar detailing on the neckline. Overall 

Dr. Martens are my ULTIMATE choice of footwear. I say ultimate because they are perfect rain or shine and I have no problem breaking them in and scuffing them up because they're just the kind of shoes that you're supposed to beat up. They give this cute little dress a sort of bad ass touch and tone down the girly-ness.

The white headwrap from forever21 puts the final touch on the outfit and adds to the sort of bad ass style but the white also complements the cute dress. I now have this wrap in three colors and highly recommend it; it also doubles as a headband. 

Last, but certainly not least, my pastel pink Fujifilm instax mini! My lovely boyfriend got it for me last christmas and it takes really sweet (but small) instant shots. The quality is pretty good as long as you have decent lighting but the real reason to get it would be if you are one of those kinds of people who prefers tangible items; like me. For example I hoard books and refuse to buy an e-reader because its part of the experience to flip pages and wear down the physical copy. I also value my records far above my itunes playlist. Having pictures on hand so quickly is lovely and they make for awesome decorations.

Thank you all so much for keeping up with my blog!



Love pigtails ^_^
                                                             Top: Blue Crop forever21
                                            Bottoms: Kaleidoscope Flares Kendall & Kylie
                                           Shoes: Vintage Dutch Flat Sandals DSW
                                                        Earrings: Gold Leaf forever21

I felt like a pigtails added to the psychedelic vibe to this look, what do you think? Absolutely LOVE these Kaleidoscope flares. They are ridiculously soft and flowing but are skin tight above the knee; perfect. These Dutch Flat sandals are one of my favorite pairs this summer and are the brand Crown Vintage. I got them at DSW so if you're looking for cheap, comfortable, cute brown sandals go to the link. 

Big thanks to everyone so far who has started following me! <3 More great things to come



Top: Moschino romwe.com
Bottoms: Black High Waisted forever21.com
Sunglasses: Heavy Metal forever21.com
Earrings: Shattered Stones 14th & Union

First official blog post! (✿◠‿◠) Welcome to Passion Trend

I'm Lauren and it is my dream to travel all across the world in style. This blog will allow me to share my fashion choices with you guys as well as my adventures, stay tuned!

Moschino is one of my favorite designers and their Spring 2015 show was amazing! Highly suggest checking it out. Anything Moschino is usually so expensive so I was thrilled to find this top on romwe for less than $20.00